Poem about Self Pity-Physical Pain




Waiting for death to knock on your door.

I know you’re in pain, pain you abhor.

Why not try?  Only a bone you break,

Not invalid, your own fate you make.


You disgust me, your habits are foul,

For self do not strive, not try at all.

Will not get up, therapy refused.

This self pity act, is not excused.


Know you’re in pain, but you must endure.

Without effort, there will be no cure.

You are not only one suffering.

To those who love you, also pain bring.

June Nash

Poem- Hospital Visit

Hospital Visit


Step mother called yesterday

My dad, he is in a bad way

He’s very weak, here is the scoop

He cannot stop, he has to poop

Admit to hospital, have test

story not over, here’s the rest

Brother and I to hospital stop

Go to visit and cheer our pop

Where’s my wife, in panic, he asks

She left last night to run some tasks

Said she would return, but has not

Called home and cell, but all for naught

Sister hospital gives a call

Step mother, her health, had a fall

She was rushed, emergency room

In different hospital to her gloom.

Infection, lack of insulin

That is the thing that did her in.


Of he of her, and her of he,

My dad once said these words to me.

Getting old, not for the feeble.

Need energy to be able,

To keep your spouse healthy and hale,

So they’ll be there when your health fail.

–                     – June Nash